Lufthansa announces further reductions to fleet and staff

Lufthansa announces further reductions to fleet and staff
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German aviation group Lufthansa is cancelling more jobs and planes than initially foreseen, it announced on Monday.

“With the summer travel season coming to an end, passenger and booking figures are declining again, after slight signs of recovery were still evident in July and August,” said the Group, to which Brussels Airlines belongs.

Because of these declining figures, the group projects that “the previous assumption that an average production level of 50 percent of the previous year's value would be reached in the fourth quarter of the year no longer seems realistic,” predicting a mere 20 to 30% capacity compared to the previous year.

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The airline will further reduce its fleet, putting all of its remaining seven Airbus A380s and A340-600s out of service, only to be reactivated “in the event of an unexpectedly rapid market recovery.”

They also announced further staff reductions, which “will be further adjusted in regards to market development.”

“In the Executive Board’s assessment, the continuing high level of uncertainty in global air traffic makes short-term adjustments to the current market situation unavoidable for the foreseeable future,” the airline said.

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