Coronavirus: traffic in Flanders slowly increasing again

Coronavirus: traffic in Flanders slowly increasing again
Credit: Belga

Traffic on Flemish roads is gradually beginning to increase again, the Flemish Traffic Centre (VV) announced on Monday.

The Belgian government's far-reaching coronavirus measures, in effect since 18 March, included a ban on non-essential travel and the guideline to work from home wherever possible. These measures, along with closed businesses and technical unemployment, have all had a significant impact on traffic and traffic flow, according to the VV.

While car traffic on weekdays is down by 59% and freight traffic is down by 19% compared to pre-lockdown numbers, there has been an increase since the end of the Easter holidays, the VV reported.

"The average number of kilometres driven by cars on working days is now over 21,367,000," VV said about last week. As for freight traffic, trucks averaged over 9,560. kilometres. These numbers are 5.8% higher than the week before for cars, and 2.5% higher for trucks.

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Structural traffic jams have disappeared, according to VV. "The limited highway traffic jams that are still there during the corona days have a clear cause in each case," they said. These causes include border controls, road works and delays due to traffic incidents.

Belgium announced on Friday that it would start phasing out of its lockdown from 4 May. While teleworking will still remain the norm and non-essential travel will not be allowed yet, there will be a gradual return to work.

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