Over 60 fined as police shut down Antwerp lockdown party

Over 60 fined as police shut down Antwerp lockdown party
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Police in Antwerp shut down a downtown lockdown party with over 60 attendants at the weekend, who were fined even as some attempted to hide from police.

The event took place on Saturday evening in an apartment in the shopping area of La Meir, in the centre of the city.

Police were notified by a resident who complained about nuisance and said that the lockdown measures were not being observed.

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Upon arrival, police said that there were dozens of people inside the apartment, and that some attendees attempted to hide from officers.

"In total, more than 60 attendees were fined, all aged between 18 and 34 years old. Everyone then left the place without problems," police spokesman Willem Migom told De Standaard.

The news comes as several Belgian mayors attempt to crackdown on lockdown violations, as the arrival of good weather draws crowds increasingly outdoors.

In Ghent, Mayor Mathias De Clercq said that police would begin issuing more fines and even close down the downtown quays if it got too crowded.

In Brussels, the mayors of Ixelles and Anderlecht said that no more deviations from lockdown rules would be tolerated following impromptu parties last weekend which saw hundreds gather in Place Flagey and in a vacant Anderlecht lot.

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