Belgium adds additional EU areas to its red travel zones

Belgium adds additional EU areas to its red travel zones
Credit: Foreign Affairs Ministry

Additional areas in the European Union, including the entire countries of Greece and Italy, will be considered a red travel zone for Belgians from Friday, following the latest update on the website of the Foreign Affairs’ Ministry.

From Friday 6 November at 4:00 PM, a number of regions and countries will colour red. Under Belgium's new Covid-19 testing strategy, travellers returning from those zones will only be tested if they show symptoms.

All of Greece and Italy, both of which still had several orange zones until now, will turn red, as will the entire country of Latvia.

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Mainland Spain will also become fully red, and only the island of La Palma remains green, making it the only zone in the EU where Belgians can travel to without any additional coronavirus restrictions.

In Norway, the capital region of Oslo and the region of Viken will also turn red from Friday.

In Germany, the regions of Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia, Brandenburg, Hanover, Lüneburg, Rheinhessen-Pfalz, Leipzig and Thuringia will be added to the country's red zones.

The island of La Réunion in France, the region of Zealand in Denmark, and the regions of Highlands and Islands in the United Kingdom will also turn red.

In Sweden, the regions of West Sweden and North Middle Sweden will become red as well.

Travellers returning from red areas have to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) if they have stayed there for more than 48 hours.

Additionally, travellers returning from abroad are asked to complete a 'self-assessment questionnaire' about their travel and/or stay conditions abroad, regardless of the colour of the zone(s) from which they are returning.

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