Belgium in Brief: You Can Run Across A Border, But You Can't Drive

Belgium in Brief: You Can Run Across A Border, But You Can't Drive

What can run across a border, but cannot drive?

This isn't really a riddle, it's just snark in the form of a question - because the answer is you, as long as you are in the right place.

Let me explain.

Under Belgium's latest measures, there are only 6 (ish) essential reasons for which you are allowed to cross the border at the moment, but there is also a secret 7th reason.

Fundamentally, this secret reason is 'accidentally while exercising.'

You see, hikers, joggers or cyclists from the border region whose tour takes them across the border will not be targeted by police services. This was confirmed by the chairman of the Permanent Committee of the local police.

This confirmation follows confusion about the measure on Tuesday, as many believed the police would carry out checks in the middle of nature parks or walking routes that cross the border with the Netherlands.

How this will play out over the weekend waits to be seen.

Is this a loophole? Just common sense? Or honestly a bit of both.

Let @johnstonjules know on Twitter.

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