Coronavirus: one in seven drivers broke lockdown rules

Coronavirus: one in seven drivers broke lockdown rules
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One out of seven drivers was breaking the rules set up to curb the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) this weekend, André Desenfants, Director of the Administrative Police communicated to Sudpresse on Monday.

The police took measures last weekend to ensure that Belgians were only on the road under absolutely necessary circumstances. Desenfants clarified that this measures will remain in place until the end of the lockdown. The traffic, railway, waterway and airport police will all be involved enforcing these measures.

Despite the new rules, many people still make unnecessary trips. "According to a provisional assessment of last Saturday, which should be further refined, one in seven vehicles was in violation." In addition, many people took the parks at the weekend, forcing Brussels' commune of Forest to forbid people from walking on the grass in its parks. The city is currently working on a general rule for the entire Brussels region.

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Regarding the many park visitors, Desenfants said: "It is not easy to enforce these restrictions in urban areas. The sunshine incites many to go to a park. This is why, however, we flew drones at the request of local police," who ended up issuing 120 reports in the Brussels North Police zone alone. When it comes to the drivers, "offenders were sent home, and some were given a fine because of their travel circumstances," Desenfants said.

Despite these numbers, traffic was generally reduced: "The message to stay home is well understood by the public," Desenfants concluded. 

The far-reaching measures set up by the government last Wednesday are set to last until at least 5 April, though according to virologist Steven Van Gucht, that will likely be extended.

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