Teleworking 'strongly recommended' in Belgium again

Teleworking 'strongly recommended' in Belgium again
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Belgium doubled down on the importance of teleworking to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further, during the press conference after Monday's National Security Council.

"It is again strongly recommended to telework whenever possible," Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said, adding that there are also means to work out a rotating system with colleagues.

"It had always been recommended, but we noticed that it was being applied less and less, even though we know that it is one of the keys for a successful deconfinement," Wilmès said.

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In the whole province of Antwerp, which went one step further with its measures as it is the worst-affected area in the country, teleworking has become mandatory for all jobs that allow it.

Employers' organisation Unizo called the decision "healthy common sense" and "logical."

Biostatistician Geert Molenberghs also welcomed the decision. "It is a good thing that it was emphasised again," he told Het Nieuwsblad. "We heard horror stories about overcrowded meeting rooms where colleagues sat next to each other: this way the virus can quickly spread again," he added.

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