Belgians can travel in Europe from Monday

Belgians can travel in Europe from Monday
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Belgian residents can travel within Europe as of Monday, as several countries begin to reopen their borders after months of lockdown.

France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland or Switzerland are among some of the countries to which residents of Belgium are allowed to travel without any apparent restrictions or mandatory conditions, according to the ministry of foreign affairs.

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Sweden, as well as Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are also welcoming Belgian residents.

The ministry updated its travel advice for numerous European countries, in order to inform Belgians on the destinations that were reopening their borders to all travel.

Several other countries such as Austria, Iceland, the United Kingdom or Estonia are welcoming Belgian travellers under some conditions, such as a mandatory quarantine, while Bulgaria, Norway, Cyprus, Spain or Greece are not open to Belgian travel so far.

15 June marks the date set by the European Union for a coordinated border reopening within the bloc, but not all governments have followed suit.

"Each country will decide on its own whether to reopen their borders," the ministry wrote on its website.

Residents in Belgium travelling abroad are encouraged to sign up to a travel registry set up by the foreign affairs ministry.

The travel advice put online on Monday is subject to changes and will be frequently updated, and the website also has country-specific travel advice.

Belgium is among the EU countries that lifted all restrictions on travel on Monday, after months of only allowing essential movements in and out of the country.

Non-essential travel outside of the EU and the Schengen zone remains banned for the time being.

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