Belgium in Brief: Don't Miss Your Train

Belgium in Brief: Don't Miss Your Train
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When Andy Williams sang about the most wonderful time of the year, part of me likes to think he was speaking about Belgium's annual change of train schedule.

I accept that this yearly update to the rail timetable is unlikely to be the inspiration behind the festive hit, but it's a nice idea all the same.

And it may sound like a small event, a minor adjustment for when you finally return to the office. But what a difference a day few minutes can make to those that rely on Belgium's rail network.

No matter where you commute from or to, the morning routine is a fine-tuned ritual: the coffee needs to be made at just the right time while those getting ready dance around each other to do what they need to do.

The kids need to be dropped off at school, the dog needs walked, and even minor hold-ups can have alarming knock-on effects.

And after all of that, you need to make your train (or risk the one that stops at EVERY stop). So make sure you know when it is.

What I'm trying to say is, read this and won't miss your train. You've been warned.

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