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Maggie De Block must resign, says government staff union

The trade union noted several events in its management of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which it considered as so many "mistakes." Credit: Belga

The CSC-Public Services, the Christian union for the rights of government employees, has written an open letter calling for Federal Public Health Minister Maggie De Block’s resignation in light of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

In the letter, published on Le Vif (in French), the trade union noted several events in the management of the coronavirus pandemic, which it considered as “mistakes.”

“Your total and reckless lack of foresight, following the non-renewal of the strategic stockpile of FFP2 masks, really endangers front-line people as well as patients,” said the union. “After this serious mistake, for which you keep on rejecting the blame, we also had to live through the episode of ordering ‘supposedly failed’ masks, due to the anticipated non-payment of your FPS Public Health,” it added.

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“During all this time, front-line people were poorly protected, and unfortunately, some workers contracted the coronavirus and were able to transmit it to patients,” the letter reads.

CSC-Public Services also denounces “a lack of transparency towards the scientific world, since epidemiologists had to complain to Sciensano to have data that is essential for the continuity of their work.” Additionally, it criticises De Block for a lack of anticipation, illustrated by the registration of the domain name for the website only on 30 January.

“Your resignation is more than welcome! You who advocate a liberal model, if you were not a minister, in the private sector, you would have been dismissed long ago,” the union added.

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