Belgian social bubbles increased to 15 people per week

Belgian social bubbles increased to 15 people per week
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People living in Belgium will be allowed to further expand their social circles from 1 July, according to the latest measures announced by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès during a press conference on Wednesday.

Previously 10 people per week, the rule has been expanded to allow 15 people into the so-called 'home bubble' when Phase 4 begins in Belgium. The 6 golden rules will continue to apply, for a reminder on what they are click here. 

Wilmes, however, urged caution as rules continue to ease. “There are fewer and fewer rules, but they still have to be followed,” Wilmès said. “So please, think about your health, and that of others. The virus is still in the country,” she added.

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This limited further expansion of the ‘contact bubble’  is in line with comments made early on Tuesday by  Brussels’ Minister-President Rudi Vervoort. Seeing groups of ten people per week is “complex,” he told Bel RTL. The issue will be discussed, but no “explosion” should be expected. “If the bubble will be expanded, it will be moderately,” Vervoort said.

For the full list of new measures, click here.

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