Lockdown party with 111 attendees shut down in Brussels

Lockdown party with 111 attendees shut down in Brussels
Credit: Belga

A lockdown party with 111 people in attendance was shut down in Ixelles over the weekend.

When police arrived at the party, held Saturday on Rue de Stassart in violation of current coronavirus measures, many of the guests were attempting to hide on the roof.

“We were summoned around 2:40 AM for night noise,” said police spokesperson Olivier Slosse, according to De Standaard.

“There appeared to be a party going on on the seventh floor of a building, in an Airbnb. Our people were not immediately let in, but after a conversation with the organizer, they got in anyway.”

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Those on the roof were coaxed to come down without needing help from the fire brigade, as has happened at other parties. All participants and the organiser of the illegal gathering were identified.

One of the party goers became unwell while the police were present, and an ambulance was called to take that person to the hospital.

Some Belgians have found creative ways to hide when caught having a lockdown party, but the government has put a big price on violating coronavirus fighting measures, especially for parties in particular: in December 2020, the price of fines handed out for attending these gathering was raised from €250 to €750, whilst the sum that those organising the events have to cough up more than tripled to €4,000, from €750.

Whether a fine is handed out depends on various factors: the nature of the gathering (alcohol consumption, music, whether it was planned…) and the number of participants, and whether there is a clear desire to ignore the coronavirus fighting measures.

Helen Lyons

The Brussels Times

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