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Belgium in Brief: Doomscrolling As Lockdown Looms

What’s worse – being officially told we will go into lockdown again, or the looming threat that we might, backed by experts?

One way or another, both situations leave us in an unstable situation, and it’s not like the building fear of Belgium returning to lockdown is based on a few fringe opinions.

News outlets across Belgium – including The Brussels Times – are currently relying on the one source that’s talking, experts, to help get a handle on what’s coming.

There is “a need for short-term action,” says one. 

“The glass is beginning to overflow,” says another.

This “will not go away by itself,” a third adds. 

Take your pick. As it stands, there is no uniform approach for what would fix the problem, but experts appear to agree that doing nothing is no longer an option.

Officially speaking, however, we’re back in rumour mill territory.

On Monday, Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon said the Consultative Committee will impose additional measures, but only if figures get worse than predictions have estimated, which is not the case at the moment. To the experts talking today, we’re already there.

Without the official line, the hastily planned Friday meeting, or the late-running press conference, we have nothing official.

So, while we wonder and doom scroll, I have a question.

Would you rather Belgium just decided to lockdown, even if the measures ended up being stronger than necessary?

Or are you happy waiting in the hope that the situation changes?

Or is there a third option? 

Let @johnstonjules know on Twitter.

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1. ‘Will not go away by itself’: Calls for stricter coronavirus measures mounting

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2. Concerns raised over increasingly radicalised teenagers

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3. Bpost launches rapid covid tests for staff

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Photo by Daniel Radford on Unsplash

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6. Belgian slaughterhouse sentenced for violating animal welfare standards

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7. Temperatures of up to 14 degrees expected in the coming days

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Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times