People aged over 40 in Brussels can now register for coronavirus vaccine

People aged over 40 in Brussels can now register for coronavirus vaccine
Credit: Belga/J. Namur

People aged over 46 are eligible for a coronavirus vaccine and people aged 41 and over can register on the Bru-VAX waiting list after the age group eligible for vaccination in Brussels was extended on Friday.

As stated on the Bru-VAX website, people who can currently make an appointment are those living in the Brussels-Capital Region and are either born in 1975 or earlier, who have an invitation for vaccination, or who suffer from comorbidities.

“All people born in 1980 or before, and are domiciled in the Brussels-Capital Region, can be put on the waiting list,” the Bru-VAX website states. 

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Previously only people aged over 51 and over were eligible to be vaccinated and all those aged 46 and over could register on the Bruvax waiting list.

In Belgium, the vaccination rollout is expected to get a boost in May as almost 900,000 vaccines will be delivered to Belgium next week.

The Flemish authorities announced that the majority of the general adult population can expect their first shot in the five weeks between the start of June and 11 July – starting with people aged 60 at the end of May, and ending with 18-years-olds in the week before 11 July.

Next Monday, the second-largest vaccination centre in Brussels, located at the Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek which is expected to vaccinate between 1,000 and 1,500 people per day, will open to the public.

As of 30 April, 32% of the population aged 18 and older has received at least one dose or a coronavirus vaccine, and around 800,869 people – or 8.7% of the adult population – have been fully vaccinated, according to the latest figures from the Sciensano health institute. 

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