Brussels turns red again on European Covid travel map

Brussels turns red again on European Covid travel map
Credit: Jilke Tielemans/The Brussels Times

The Brussels-Capital Region has once again coloured red on the EU coronavirus travel map published by the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC).

As a result of the increasing number of infections, especially in Brussels, the colour code for travel on the map has been adjusted. For now, Flanders and Wallonia are still coloured oranges.

According to the most recent figures from Sciensano, Brussels currently has an incidence - which indicates the average number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants during the last 14 days - of 213.

The region fulfills the ECDC's condition for turning red, namely that the fortnightly incidence rate is between 200 and 500, regardless of the positivity ratio.

The other condition is if the incidence rate fluctuates between 75 and 200 and the positivity ratio is higher than 4%, however, just 2.5% of the number of coronavirus tests have a positive result in Brussels.

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The European colour codes are an indication for the EU member states to impose conditions on return, such as obligatory quarantine or submitting negative tests. The colours are also taken into account for the admission of travellers in their own countries.

In Belgium as a whole, the incidence rate is 147 at the moment, however, this has been increasing rapidly in the previous weeks.

At the end of June, parts of Belgium turned green on the ECDC map, however, this did not last long, 

In addition to the Brussels region, Corsica, Ireland, the Greek region of Thessaly and the Ionian and Eglish islands have also been given the red colour. Meanwhile, the Italian regions of Lazio, Sardinia and Sicily, as well as a large part of France, are coloured orange.

Earlier this week, other popular holiday destinations coloured orange again for travellers from Belgium, including large parts of Greece, France, Croatia and Denmark, whilst the whole of Spain is now a red zone for Belgian travellers.

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