Belgium in Brief: At last, a carefree summer?

Belgium in Brief: At last, a carefree summer?
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We're all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two.

It's the high point of the year: sun-soaked days doing nothing in particular and a chance to disconnect and recharge. Many have been waiting much longer than a year for this break from the normal work schedule, with Covid-related restrictions still complicating affairs last summer.

If the stress of ensuring that you conformed to the rules of individual holiday destinations wasn't enough to put people off travelling last year, the additional costs often were. In my case, an exotic escape to the English riviera last July came with a quarantine period and mandatory Covid-19 testing that were nothing short of daylight robbery.

Holidaymakers this year will be heaving a sigh of relief that the faff and expense is a thing of the past. But is it?

Well, not quite. Despite the EU's best efforts to harmonise travel regulations across the Schengen Area, some entry requirements remain in force, potentially catching out unsuspecting travellers who had simply assumed that all that was behind us.

Last year, travel passes were all the rage and caused no end of administrative headaches as individuals tried to figure out whether their vaccination certificate would be recognised in a different country. These have largely been dropped but a few EU Member States do still ask for proof of vaccination to enter.

Thankfully, @Maajtee has put all the latest regulations for travel in Europe in one piece to make your holiday planning that little bit more straightforward. You're welcome.

Where are you heading this summer? Let @Orlando_tbt know.

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6. Mechelen named Flemish Cycling City of 2022

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