Nearly 1,000 sheltered in Brussels hotels amid coronavirus lockdown

Nearly 1,000 sheltered in Brussels hotels amid coronavirus lockdown
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Ten hotels are currently being used by regional authorities to provide shelter to homeless and migrant populations in Brussels during the coronavirus lockdown.

Located in municipalities across Brussels, the hotels bring relief to public and NGO-ran shelters and have made it possible to provide shelter to nearly 1,000 people so far.

The use of hotels amid the pandemic has added some 726 beds to the region's housing capacities, which currently stand roughly around 1,500 beds, Bruzz reports.

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Those who are housed in the hotels during the pandemic, as well as those staying in homeless shelters have access to medical care provided by Bruss'Help, the regional agency monitoring homelessness in the capital.

In homeless shelters, some 260 beds have been freed up to accommodate people who have become infected with the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

The measure is being funded with €7 million earmarked by the government of the Brussels-Capital Region as part of a relief plan for homeless populations and migrants without access to housing.

Some 200 additional beds were also created thanks to partial funding funnelled in by the federal government.

The use of hotels by regional authorities come after a hotel owner opened up his property to house migrants who did not have access to government support.

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