Coronavirus: Brussels provides compensation for low-income tenants

Coronavirus: Brussels provides compensation for low-income tenants
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The Brussels government will give a one-time premium of €214.68 to tenants with a low income who are losing (part of) it due to the crisis because of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

The premium will only be given to tenants renting from private landlords, and is intended for employees who suffered a loss of income in the period from 16 March to 3 May because they became partially or entirely unemployed for at least 15 working days, and self-employed people who have the right to compensation, on the condition that it concerns the only residence, located in the Brussels region.

The sum is earmarked for people whose family’s net taxable income before the coronavirus crisis, depending on the family composition, is equal to or lower than 150% of the admission limit for social housing.

For a person living alone, the admission ceiling is set at €34,924. The amount goes up to over €64,000 for families with two or more incomes and six dependent children. The amount for the different family compositions can be found here.

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“The proportion of the budget that a Brussels family spends on housing is much higher for families with the lowest incomes. It is therefore very important that these low-income tenants, who are severely affected by the coronavirus crisis, are able to receive support quickly and easily,” said Nawal Ben Hamou, Brussels Secretary of State responsible for Housing and Equal Opportunities on her website.

“A total amount of almost €18 million has been earmarked for the granting of this premium,” she added. The presumed beneficiaries will receive a specific letter to provide them with the necessary information to submit an application.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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