E-scooters: 'no-parking zones' to be announced in September

E-scooters: 'no-parking zones' to be announced in September
Nearly 5,000 e-scooters are in Brussels, and companies have plans to launch at least a thousand more by 2020. Credit: Portland Bureau of Transportation/Flickr

Off-limit zones for parking electric scooters will be defined in Brussels from September, with companies facing fines for the unruly parking of their units, as authorities seek to limit the nuisance caused by the growing popularity of the scooters.

Authorities in each of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region are drawing up a list of zones where the parking of e-scooters will be prohibited.

The measure will see the operators of the nearly 5,000 units scattered across the region faced with fines if they fail to recover and relocate an incorrectly parked scooter within 24 hours.

While the official list of no-parking zones is set to be made public from September, some municipalities have already started taking steps to regulate the use of the popular rental services.

At the start of the week, authorities in the municipality of Uccle warned companies that they could receive a fine if their scooters continued to be found blocking pavement markings for the visually impaired.

In June, mobility officials in Brussels said they were contemplating introducing tighter parking regulations in some of the city's busiest spots, such as the Grand Place.

The new regulations will be paired with the creation of additional e-scooter parking spots, with the municipality of Ixelles taking the lead and unveiling ad-hoc parking spaces at the start of July.

Gabriela Galindo

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