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Another small explosion in Deurne, Antwerp

Credit: Belga

Another small explosion took place in the Deurne neighbourhood of Antwerp on Thursday evening.

Some sort of firebomb went off against the facade of a building a little after 8:30 PM, and nobody was hurt. The only damages were a blackened facade.

The circumstances of the explosion are being investigated, but this isn’t the first time the area has been disturbed by such bombs.

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Towards the end of last summer, two separate explosions went off in the same part of Antwerp – one in Deurne again, and the other in Borgerhout. Police found evidence of a grenade left under a car at the second.

Previous incidents in Antwerp include an explosion by a pancake restaurant in the Zuid area, and two more in Deurne – all in June last year, and all involving grenades.

De Staandard reports that according to their information, this latest incident involves a suspected Molotov cocktail that exploded against the family home of a man known for drug offenses.

No suspects have been arrested yet.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times