Yet another grenade found in Antwerp

Yet another grenade found in Antwerp
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A grenade was found in the Borgerhout district of Antwerp by city workers this morning.

The explosive device appeared to be intact, and was removed securely by police. No one was injured.

The federal police will investigate to determine if the explosive device has any ties to drug crime in the area, according to De Standaard.

This part of Antwerp has seen a number of similar incidents in the last year, including an explosion just last week on Friday.

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Towards the end of last summer, two separate explosions went off – one in Deurne and the other in Borgerhout again. Police found evidence of a grenade left under a car at the second.

Previous incidents in Antwerp include an explosion by a pancake restaurant in the Zuid area, and two more in Deurne – all in June last year, and all involving grenades.

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