Vaccination is the only way out of this crisis, says expert

Vaccination is the only way out of this crisis, says expert
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Vaccination is the only possible way out of the coronavirus crisis in Belgium, according to Sabine Stordeur of the Vaccination Taskforce.

The world is dealing with an unprecedented situation, and we can only make it a success if everyone contributes, Stordeur said during a press conference on Tuesday.

"Vaccination is more than a personal choice. It is a shared commitment," she said, adding that this applies to doctors as well as the general population.

Lasy week, Belgium passed the mark of 400,000 vaccines administered, which is almost 4.5% of the country's adult population. The authorities are aiming to vaccinate 70% of the population - the threshold for herd immunity - by the end of the summer.

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In March, people over 65 years old living at home, as well as high-risk patients between the ages of 18 and 64, will be vaccinated.

With the number of announced vaccines, Belgium should be able to stick to its original schedule, and vaccination for the general public is expected to begin in May, according to Stordeur.

"In the coming weeks, everyone will receive a personal invitation with a unique code," she said. "They will then need to register online or by phone to make or confirm the appointment at a vaccination centre."

Stordeur stressed that this is the only way for everyone to get vaccinated free of charge and safely.

"We are all looking forward to reuniting with our families and friends, and going back to work as normal," she said. "It is up to every one of us to ensure that this is possible again as quickly and efficiently as possible, all together."

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