10% of Belgium has now been fully vaccinated

10% of Belgium has now been fully vaccinated
Credit: Retha Ferguson/Wikimedia

One in ten people living in Belgium has now been fully vaccinated, according to the latest information from the Sciensano health institute.

According to the website, 1,196,831 people in Belgium have been fully vaccinated, 13% of adults or 10.4% of the total population.

The number of people who received at least a first injection is currently 3,809,834. This corresponds to 41.5% of adults or just under one third (32.8%) of the total population in Belgium.

Despite the milestone, research by UGent, UCLouvain, and the University of Brussels (ULB) has shown parts of the country are against getting the vaccine.

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Around 38% of French speakers polled said they would refuse a coronavirus vaccine, compared to 20% of Flemish people, according to the results of the motivation barometer published on Thursday.

“This difference between the language groups had decreased in February, but increased again as of March,” professor of health psychology and member of the expert group of psychologists on the coronavirus, Olivier Luminet (UCLouvain), told Le Soir.

Both in Brussels and in Wallonia, additional efforts have been made, including reminder phone calls and relaunches of the vaccination campaign giving people who have already been offered an appointment a second chance, to increase the vaccination intake among its citizens.

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