Belgium in Brief: Belgium's Best Pizza?

Belgium in Brief: Belgium's Best Pizza?
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"La Bottega della Pizza," a pizzeria in the Brussels commune of Saint-Gilles, has won the prize for the best pizzeria in Belgium.

In a city with such a diverse gastronomic scene, that's a bold claim. So, of course, I want to know if you agree.

Competitions of this nature always raise an interesting question because you're dealing with something personal. 

Now I'll fully admit that I love almost all pizza, but I also know my tastes are entirely personal to me. 

I'm from the country that took a deep-fried pizza and made it an art form, but I like to think my tastes stretch beyond that. There's a special place in my heart for bodega pizza, or a Neapolitan so thin it can barely take the sauce, so my go-to in Brussels was always based on where I was in the city.

Maybe you disagree with me entirely. Maybe you prefer a deep dish, though I don't know where you'd get one in Belgium. 

Your favourite pizza is yours and yours alone. 

So where is it? I even welcome recommendations for places outside of the country. 

Let @johnstonjules know.

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Credit: Pixabay

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4. Brussels pizzeria named best in Belgium

A pizzeria in the Brussels commune of Saint-Gilles, “La Bottega della Pizza,” won the prize for the best pizzeria in Belgium on Saturday, in a televised competition organised by the French-language RTBF.

“I cannot describe my happiness,” the pizzeria’s chef Roberto Casula wrote in a Facebook post, in which he thanked his entire team, as well as all clients. Read more.

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