Belgium in Brief: Two Months, Too Long?

Belgium in Brief: Two Months, Too Long?
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Today's news sounds like the evil plot of a '90s kid's film.

What's the fuss? Well, some parents want to shorten the school summer holidays.

*Cue montage of a ragtag group of kids preparing to convince them otherwise*

A new survey from the Flemish Confederation of Parents and Parent Associations (VCOV) found that just over half of parents in Belgium think the school summer holidays are too long and want the two-month period to be shortened. While not new information, this study goes on to show just how they would fix this apparent problem.

  • 44.5% would like the summer holidays to be two weeks shorter, with the autumn and spring holidays extended by a week to compensate.
  • 20.5% said the summer holidays could be shortened without compensating elsewhere.
  • Others called for the Christmas holidays to be extended and introduce a full week’s holiday in May instead of the long weekend.

And what about those (43.1%) against the idea? It seems that for many, the logistics of the summer holiday, coordinating with family and friends, and plain habit are enough to let the matter drop.

So, where do you fall on the debate? For? Against? Or just nostalgic for the hazy holidays before adult life kicked in?

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2. Face masks and quarantines: New school measures enter into force today

Credit: Belga

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