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Belgium in Brief: A Short Break From Changes

Credit: Belga/The Brussels/Times

It has only been a weekend since the last Consultative Committee, and the next one is already around the corner.

On Friday 11 June, Belgium’s authorities will meet again to flesh out the rules for the next stages of their “Summer Plan,” which are set to apply from July.

But first, a number of much-awaited relaxations will go into force on Wednesday, after they finally got the official green light before the weekend.

This means that from the middle of this week, the indoor parts of bars and restaurants will open again, and the 11:30 PM closing time will apply to both outside and inside spaces.

On top of that, gyms, fairgrounds, casinos, cinemas, theatres and bowling alleys will also reopen, and people will be allowed to receive four visitors at home at the same time.

People wanting to go back into the office will be allowed to do so for one day a week, and the rules for events and receptions are also becoming less strict. For the full overview, click here.

However, while everyone will still be catching up on the long series of changes, it is likely that the rules for the coming months will change again from Friday.

What do you think about all these rule changes so close together? Is holding two Consultative Committees so close together a good idea?

Let @johnstonjules know. Or @maithechini, since she wrote it today.

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