The Recap: No Deaths, Electric Shocks & Red Flags

The Recap: No Deaths, Electric Shocks & Red Flags
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Over 50% of adults in EU now fully vaccinated, says Commission: More than half of adult citizens in the European Union have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Tuesday.

Zero Covid-19 deaths on Wednesday, for the first time in a year: For the first time since 10 July 2020, no one died as a result of the coronavirus in Belgium on Wednesday 7 July 2021, according to the latest figures by the Sciensano national health institute.

Belgium-based pharma company criticised for giving electric shocks to dogs: Animal Rights, a non-profit that protects animals, is organising a demonstration at Belgium-based Janssen Pharmaceutica to draw attention to the experiments carried out on dogs, which include giving them electric shocks.

Belgian hospitals demand mandatory vaccination for all healthcare staff: Belgian hospitals and residential care centres are pleading for mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus of all care staff across the country, and are asking the Consultative Committee to make a decision on Friday.

Brussels launches awards for best terraces: Now that much of what was formerly parking has been transformed into outdoor terraces for eating and drinking in the Belgian capital after the reopening of the hospitality sector, Brussels is looking to award those terraces that have functionally or visually improved the public space.

Cameras catch illegal dumping: ‘Mainly locals in slippers and nightgowns’: Two cameras have been set up to catch people who illegally dump household waste near public rubbish bins in the Flemish city of Sint-Niklaas, and have helped authorities identify over ten fly-tippers.

‘Not bad at all’: young people faint more often after vaccination: As the people whose turn it is to be vaccinated are getting younger, staff in vaccination centres across Belgium are noticing that young people tend to faint more often after getting their shot.

Brits in EU raise red flag on new English quarantine rules: A plan to scrap quarantines for fully vaccinated British citizens arriving from amber countries has become a subject of concern for a collective of Brits in Europe, who fear the current rule doesn’t include them.

Brussels Airlines to stop greeting passengers with ‘ladies and gentlemen’: People flying with an airline of the Lufthansa group, including Brussels Airlines, will no longer be greeted with “ladies and gentlemen,” but with a gender-neutral alternative.

Bus taking Belgian youths home from holidays caught fire in France: A bus that was taking 49 young people from Flanders back to Belgium suffered a tyre blowout and then caught fire on Monday night in France.

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