Belgium in Brief: Grabbing a Beer Could Get Complicated

Belgium in Brief: Grabbing a Beer Could Get Complicated
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Belgium is making preparations to expand the use of the Covid pass to more situations in Brussels.

While the authorities are not in favour of using the Covid pass where it is not necessary, things are different in areas where the vaccination rate is not as high, according to Interior Affairs Minister Annelies Verlinden.

“We have that tool now, but we have to use it in a measured way,” she said. “So we have to prepare.”

Several times now, Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort has also spoken out in favour of requiring the Covid Safe Ticket in more situations, similar to how it is in France.

For those who are vaccinated, this would mean that they simply show the QR code proving their vaccinations when they want to enter a bar or restaurant.

Non-vaccinated people, however, would have to get tested regularly, as a negative result is only valid for one (self-test) or two days (PCR test).

Both experts and politicians are hoping that requiring non-vaccinated people to get tested every time they want to go for a drink, go out to eat or visit a museum will lead to a surge in vaccination appointments like it did in France.

While the French population was hesitant to get vaccinated, the announcement that the ‘pass sanitaire’ (health pass) would be mandatory to enter bars, restaurants and museums immediately resulted in almost a million new vaccination appointments being booked in the country.

“Currently, the Covid Safe Ticket is unfortunately the only way to give the people of Brussels more freedom,” said Flemish Minister for Brussels Benjamin Dalle.

“Our capital city should also be able to open up again.”

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