Belgium in Brief: Nazi pensions, Naya the wolf and an MP convicted of murder

Belgium in Brief: Nazi pensions, Naya the wolf and an MP convicted of murder

Belgian's continue to collect 'Nazi Pensions', a Flemish MP is convicted of murdering his wife's former partner and a back to school holiday guide.

Here’s a recap of the news you should know in Belgium this morning:

1. Former Flemish MP and spouse convicted of murder

A former Flemish parliamentarian and his spouse have been found guilty of the murder of the woman’s ex-husband and sentenced to prison time after a lengthy and oft-postponed trial. Read more. 

2. Over a dozen Belgians still claim a ‘Nazi pension’

Figures released for the first time show that more than a dozen Belgians still benefit from a so-called Nazi compensation scheme created for those who served under the Third Reich. Read more.

3. Flemish firefighter confesses to murder of wife with poisonous beans

A Flemish firefighter has confessed to killing his wife by mixing poisonous beans into her food for months nearly a year after her sudden death in 2018. Read more.

4. Belgian's worry for the safety of Naya the Wolf

Belgians have taken to social media to express their worry over the fate of Naya, a well-known wolf with a territory in the Limburg forest in Flanders. Read more.

5. Municipalities left behind as Brussels unveils no-parking zones for e-scooters

A recent ban on the indiscriminate parking of e-scooters and dockless bicycles in several areas in Brussels needs to be expanded further, municipal authorities said on Monday. Read more.

6. Back to school: here are the holidays for the academic year

As this years’ summer school holidays come to a close and children across the country begin the new academic year, there are a number of future school holidays to put in the calendar. Read more.

7. Specialist task force arrests man suspected of multiple burglaries in Brussels

A specialist task force has arrested a man suspected of being the culprit behind a wave of burglaries and home robberies in the Marlow (Uccle/Watermael-Boitsfort/Auderghem) and Montgomery police zones. Read more.

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