Belgium in Brief: Deliveroo expands, public swim cancelled and good news for over 65s

Belgium in Brief: Deliveroo expands, public swim cancelled and good news for over 65s

A mass public ‘test’ swim is cancelled due to concerns over the quality of the water, Deliveroo announces it will roll out in 23 new cities in Belgium, and the country prepares for the hottest day so far.

Here’s a recap of the news you should know in Belgium this morning:

1. Deliveroo expands to 23 new cities in Belgium

Delivery service Deliveroo has announced that it is extending to 23 new cities and making its Marketplace+ service available to small local restaurants, the company announced on Thursday in a press release. The new cities are in both Flanders and Wallonia – see the full list here

2. Test swim at Bois de la Cambre cancelled due to water quality concerns

The event was cancelled because of poor water quality, said organisers.  In its message, POOL IS COOL implied the recent heatwave is partly to blame, saying water is affected by “meteorological phenomena” like temperature or thunderstorms. Read more.

3. Over 65? Then you can use the AC at a Brussels museum for free 

Faced with increasingly hot weather, people over 65 years old have been welcomed to come and visit the air-conditioned rooms of Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (MRBAB), and view some culture too. Read more.

4. Belgian heatwave: what to expect on Thursday

Temperatures hit 39 degrees on Wednesday afternoon and expected to go up to 40 degrees in some areas on Thursday, meaning that Thursday stands to be the warmest day Belgium has ever had (so far). Read more.

5. Belgian heatwave: high levels of ozone expected on Thursday

The Belgium population could be advised to take precautions on Thursday due to the particularly high levels of ozone in the air. The levels could lead to warnings being issued to everyone living in particularly high concentration areas to adapt their behaviour until levels drop.  Read more

6. Dog poisoned in Brussels municipality, inhabitants warned

A Brussels commune has issued a warning to inhabitants following a case of poisoning leading to the death of a dog last Friday, according to local media. Read more

7. Reduced service in Bruges prison after attack on guards

An inmate in Bruges prison attacked and seriously injured three guards on Wednesday, leading to a shortage of staff in the prison which is going to last until at least today. Read more.

Jules Johnston
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