Kidnapping attempts continue in Brussels, another incident on Saturday
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Kidnapping attempts continue in Brussels, another incident on Saturday

The security cameras in operation at the Proxy Delhaize car park could not record at the specific location where the kidnapping attempt occurred. Credit: Pixabay.

Brussels saw its seventh kidnapping attempt since the beginning of October take place in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert on Saturday.

At a Proxy Delhaize car park on Saturday at around 12:30 PM, near the Clos de Peupliers campsite, Olivier (11) was approached by a woman who was hidden between two cars.

The woman reportedly invited the eleven-year-old boy to come with her to a shopping centre.

Olivier fled to a friend’s home nearby and his father was immediately informed. His father went to the carpark but the suspect was no longer there.

Olivier “told us that she was wearing big sunglasses and that she was hiding part of her face with her scarf and that she also had dark skin… [Olivier] compared her age with his grandmother who is in his fifties,” Olivier’s father said to La Capitale.

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The incident happened at a location which Proxy Delhaize’s outdoor camera could not see, but we had a good chat with our son to see if he had imagined the story and no, he had not imagined it,” Olivier’s father continued.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times