Belgium in Brief: Reynders corruption investigation, garbage grief and a Far-right march

Belgium in Brief: Reynders corruption investigation, garbage grief and a Far-right march

Arrests at a far-right march in Brussels on Sunday, Aid groups give migrants shelter from the same march and the saga of illegal garbage dumping in Brussels continues.

Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed this morning:

1. Former Belgian intelligence agent accuses Didier Reynders of corruption and money laundering

A former National Security agent contacted the Federal Judicial police in April and accused the former deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs and Defence minister of corruption and money laundering. Read more.

2. Dozens arrested during banned far-right ‘March on Brussels’

At least 43 people suspected of taking part in a far-right march in Brussels which had been banned from taking place were placed under preventative arrest on Sunday. Read more.

3. Anderlecht tops ranking of municipalities plagued by illegal garbage dumping

Anderlecht residents are sounding the alarm about an illegal dumping problem which they said has reached a problematic new high and has turned their municipality into an “open-air dumpsite.” Read more. 

4. Aid groups shelter migrants amid calls to ‘clean up’ Brussels during far-right march

A citizen-led aid group triggered special measures to protect migrants following reports that far-right demonstrators were issuing calls to “clean up” areas in Brussels where homeless migrants dwell. Read more.

5. Search for missing divers in French-Belgian waters halted

A search mission for two divers who went missing about 15 kilometres from the Belgian coast at Nieuwpoort came to a halt on Sunday night around midnight. Read more.

6. Around 42 calls a day related to domestic violence in Belgium

The Belgian phone number “Écoute Violences conjugugales” was dialled 15,360 times in 2018, which is an average of 42 calls per day by victims, medical professionals, concerned relatives or even those who have committed acts of domestic violence. Read more.

7. Uber launches new bike lane safety feature in Belgium

As part of Brussels Mobility Week, Uber is launching a new bike lane safety feature in Brussels on Monday, the company announced in a statement. Read more.

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