Belgium in Brief: Frog Sandwich, laughing gas and Belgium told to take back its waste

Belgium in Brief: Frog Sandwich, laughing gas and Belgium told to take back its waste

Belgium is told to take back waste it sent overseas, a woman finds a frog in her Panos sandwich, and a Belgian secret agent reveals his identiy.

Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed this morning:

1. Indonesia to ship hazardous or improperly sorted waste back to Belgium, Europe

Indonesia is sending back over 500 containers with hazardous or improperly sorted waste to Belgium and other European countries. Read more.

2. Woman discovers frog in baguette from Brussels sandwich shop

Brussels resident Kimberly Owen got a shock after she purchased her preferred baguette from the Panos sandwich shop, only to discover there was a frog in it. Read more.

3. Commission staff warned of expected disruptions by ‘Greenpeace Climate March’

European Commission (EC) staff have been sent an email warning them of potential disruptions to their day ahead of a Climate march scheduled for Friday in Brussels. Read more.

4. Two armed robberies hit Marolles neighbourhood of Brussels

Two armed robberies took place in hospitality establishments located around Place du Jeu de Balle in Marolles within the last week. A connection is yet to be found. Read more.

5. Former secret agent who accused foreign minister of corruption unveils identity

The former state security agent who accused outgoing federal minister Didier Reynders of corruption and money laundering weeks after he was chosen for a top job EU job has revealed his identity. Read more.

6. ‘Laughing gas fines’ rolled out in Flanders as doctors warn of dangers of recreational drug

Flemish doctors are sounding the alarm over a surge in laughing gas hospital admissions as authorities endeavour to curb the rising popularity of the gas, with some rolling out “laughing gas fines.” Read more.

7. Climate activists protest at foot of Manneken Pis

Climate activists gathered at the foot of Brussels icon Manneken Pis on Wednesday morning to call for an improved climate plan. Read more.

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