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Police raid 36 person Airbnb party in Saint-Gilles

Credit: Belga

More than €30,000 in fines were collected from a single violation of the coronavirus measures when a 36-person party in an Airbnb was busted by Brussels police this weekend.

The party was being held in the Saint-Gilles neighbourhood on Saturday night and police arrived in response to noise complaints from neighbours, according to Bruzz.

The police were given a spare key to the apartment by the owner, who had rented the place through Airbnb to a group of four people.

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Party-goers refused to admit the police, and someone within put their own key in the lock, preventing police officers from using their own key from the outside. Police had to receive permission from the prosecutor’s office to force the door.

Some of the violators attempted to escape to the street via the roof, or hide on the roofs of neighbours’ homes – not unlike many did at the infamous sex party – but were caught.

Each party-goer was fined €750, and the organizer was fined €4,000.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times