Belgium in Brief: Stop at the red light, organic recall and birds of prey

Belgium in Brief: Stop at the red light, organic recall and birds of prey

Brussels police set out to tackle pedestrians and cyclists running red lights, organic egg producers have issued a recall notice due to health concerns and the Belgian coastal police invest €80,000 in drones.

Here’s a recap of the news you should know in Belgium this morning:

1. Nine foreign birds of prey seized in Ghent raid

Nine birds of prey, including a great horned owl and a spotted eagle-owl, were seized near Ghent after authorities tracked down a man found to illegally possess dozens of birds. Six of which are currently still missing. Read more

2. Run a red light by car, bike or on foot, it all costs the same

Throughout July, the police in the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles area are on the lookout for offences committed by two-wheelers and pedestrians when it comes to traffic, reports BX1. Running a red light in Brussels costs a driver 174 euros, but so does running a red on a bike, or by foot. Read more.

3. Liège child dies after balcony collapse, another seriously injured

One child died and another one was severely injured after a balcony in Liège collapsed on Tuesday night, according to reports. Read more.

4. Organic eggs recalled from several supermarkets in Belgium

A recall has been issued for organic eggs produced by the brand E.K.E and sold in several supermarkets in Belgium, after food safety authorities detected a slight excess of levels of dioxins in the eggs. Read more

5. Two men convicted of possession of ‘terrorist’ Kalashnikov

Two men have been sentenced to time in prison for the purchase and possession of a Kalashnikov, with the same serial number as that used during the attacks in Paris in November 2015. Read more

6. Drones to crack down on human trafficking on Belgian coast

Police units at the Belgian coast have equipped themselves with €80,000 worth of drones in order to help them track irregular arrivals and human trafficking, a police spokesperson said on Wednesday. Read more

7. STIB security stop working after three new cases of aggression

On Monday, STIB's security officers suspended work for a few hours after three new cases of aggression towards staff in the Beekkant, Simonis and Brussels-Midi stations. Read more.

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