Belgium in Brief: Jihadists from Brussels, new flow of refugees and fatal accident

Belgium in Brief: Jihadists from Brussels, new flow of refugees and fatal accident

Two escaped jihadists from Brussels, warnings of a new flow of refugees and a fatal motor accident. Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed this morning:

1. Two escaped jihadists in Syria identified as Brussels residents: reports

The identities of two Islamic State members who escaped a Syrian prison have been revealed, with reports suggesting that the pair, one of whom was reported dead, could be from Brussels. Read more.

2. Boris Johnson ‘confident’ Brexit deal will get through Parliament on Saturday

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “confident” that MPs would pass the Brexit deal agreed to with the EU, despite a key Northern Irish party declaring it is opposed to the agreement. Read more.

3. Migration minister warns of new ‘flow of refugees’ after Turkish incursion in Syria

The Turkish military operation in Syria will create a new “flow of refugees,” a large majority of whom will come to Europe, Federal Migration Minister Maggie De Block said. Read more.

4. Police officer filmed telling black train passenger to return to Congo

A federal police officer was filmed addressing racist remarks to a train passenger whose ticket he said was not valid, including telling him to “go back to Kinshasa” if he didn’t like “the Belgian system.” Read more.

5. Fatal accident on A12: driver still had his phone in his hand

The driver of an SUV died after he crashed into the tail end of a traffic jam on the A12 motorway in Antwerp. Read more.

6. Belgian woman placed on European ‘Most Wanted’ criminals list

A Belgian woman, Hilde Van Acker from the city of Sint-Niklaas in the East-Flanders province, is on Europol’s first European ‘Most Wanted’ list with mostly female criminals for the murder of a British businessman. Read more.

7. Two injured in hammer attack in Antwerp school

Antwerp police are looking for an unidentified man who broke into a secondary school on Thursday and attacked a staff member with a hammer before fleeing the scene. Read more.

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